How would you set up?

I’ve been training for physique improvement as well as strength the last 5 years. I haven’t done any sport-specific conditioning since college lacrosse.

I want to drop strength training to maintenance and work on improving the various qualities (speed, acceleration, power, etc.) The primary goal is simply to build better conditioning for now since this sort of training has been neglected for so long. After a baseline is developed I’ll probably specialize a bit more.

There isn’t a specific sport I’m training for.

I was thinking about doing 2 full body strength sessions per week and 2 field circuits each week.

During the field circuits I was thinking about making multiple stations which will mix in plyo work, speed and agility work, mobility work as well as some metabolic work. Maybe something like 30-60 seconds at each station.

Any thoughts based on that?

With the information you’ve provided, following what you have in mind, I would probably make a set up like this:

Monday: Speed/Agility Work & Full Body Weights

Tuesday: Light Plyos/Tempo/Conditioning

Wednesday: Similar to Tuesday/Rest

Thursday: Speed/Plyo Work & Full Body Weights

Friday: Light Plyos/Tempo/Conditioning

Saturday: Similar to Thursday/Rest

Sunday: Rest

That has two days of weights, speed, and plenty of room for conditioning like you’re looking for. Another possibility for two weights/field sessions a week is:

Monday: Speed/Plyos/Agilities

Tuesday: Full Body Weights

Wednesday: Tempo/Conditioning

Thursday: Speed/Plyos/Agilities

Friday: Full Body Weights

Saturday: Tempo/Conditioning

Sunday: Rest

Hopefully, this can be useful to you.