How to organize and what to include in physical training of team.

I’m a soccer player and my coach have given me the title physical coach for the team. He want’s me to organize 15-20 min every training session to improve physical capacity except endurance. We have ended every training session (3*week) from January with 10 min of intermittent running.:mad: No speed training done and our seasons starts in a few days. Believe some speed training is needed now, but unsure how i want to organize it. Our sessions is 2 hour and pretty high intensity already from the second part of warm-up, so not sure if legs will be fresh for explosiveness. No equipment is available except soccer balls, cones, and a hard artificial pitch. Training condition is varying. Some really should lose a few kilos, and experience with speed training is low. Group size is between 15-23. Any views or tips?

Thinking of using:
Speed drills with ball. Example: Ball is passed between coach and attacker who’s marked by a defender. Coach passes the ball towards two cones and the attacker tries to reach it first and dribble through cones while defender tries to prevent the attacker from scoring.
Nordic hamstring. Already a few players complaining about hamstring problems.
Circle training. bridges, push-ups variations, burpees, sitt-ups, walking lunges, lunge jumps. Maybe doing collectively and in breaks between tempo runs. Crossfit type workout, with as many rounds as possible in 10 min could be used.
Partner exercises. Already mentioned nordic ham. Squatting with a person on your shoulders. Is this a safe exercise?
Careful with jumping because of the hard ground and need for specific training. Any one with some good specific exercises?
Maybe i should try some movement skill training to. I have some experience with the core performance movement skill training. Crossover, shuffling, cutting. Not sure about the transfer of this training, but eccentric training to improve agility is important. Those movements might not be used much in soccer but will still improve agility because of improved eccentric strength? Plyos is better to improve this quality?