How to know when your 100%?

How do you know if you are completely 100%. No flexibility or mobility problems. No strength imbalances.

Say my chiro looks at me and says that my flexibilty and moblity issues are all 100%. Then he gets the exercise physiologist to look at me and they say all my strength imbalances are 100%. Do I trust them? Would I then be 100% and it would just be a matter of staying 100% through correct training, nutrition and therapy/recovery modalities?

Thanks alot.

if they say that, then your doing really well, if you stay like that then your doing beyond really well and are on the right track

But there is no staying at 100%. something always fucks up. look at any sport with a measureable component(T&F, powerlifting, olympic lifting).

Did Pyrros Dimas keep on clean and jerking 213kg at ever meet. Did Mike Powell long jump 8.95 meters conestently, of course not being at 100% with strength imbalances and with flexiblity and moblity is great but it’s not gonna give you a WR or even nessicarilly a PB.

How do I know when I have enough flexibility in certain muscle groups? I know I’ve posted this before, but only really started stretching recently.

I can bring my heel to my forehead and I can do a full quad stretch(foot to glute) just fine, but I can only consistently touch lower shins in the hamstring stretch.

I’m going to take a guess and say that my hamstrings need a lot of flexibility work, and probably glutes based on that and just how much of a stretch I feel from a glute stretch. Couldn’t hurt to work on the hip flexors while I’m at it, but it really seems like my quads have enough flexibility…thoughts?

Oh yeah, training in the cold and not knowing when to hold off kind of caused me to worsen some shin splints(wow what a horrible year). I did actually take off for a few weeks, but I still have some calf and shin pain. There are some painful spots along the shin bones, but mostly on the left one. I have been doing two 800m jogs a day for the past few days, mostly on dirt or grass. Any advice on this?

Seriously, I’ve had the worst luck this year. I need to rebuild my whole body. I’m actually attacking the flexibility component of injury prevention, which is what actually sparked me to post all of this.

I know when i start to get shin splits i go home after a work out and rub and massage the heck out of them, i mean i make my self cry, i do this for a couple of days and then i dont have them for the rest of my training periods…well untill i take a long brake from running, then i have to do it again. But i figure that is better than winsing in pain after every set.

So you massage the bone, or the muscles, and you go very hard when you do this?

I rub the muscle right behind the bone, since my knwdg its the mucles getting so tight that its causing a pain in which it seems as if the bone is hurting. And yes u do this as hard as u can go…trying to break up the muscle thats been binded together, know what im saying? U can also do ice massage befor and after practice. O and on your other question of flexability, the only thing you can do is to keep stretching…just remember that for every muscle taht is pulling thers another one pulling back.

Thanks a lot dude for the help.

Reps :smiley:


I don’t mean at 100% optimun performance, I mean 100% in the sense that you will not be injury prone, and provided other factors are in check [correct training etc] you will generally remain injury free - or at least experience injury very rarely.

So my question was if a good chiro says my mobility and flexibility problems are all in check, and then he gets the exercise physiologist to look at me and they say my strength imbalances are fixed, would I then be 100%, or is there another area I would possibly have to look into?

BTW, personally I trust my chiro and that if there was another possibility for being injury prone I’m sure her would look into it - I just wanted to check on here to make sure, so when that day comes, I will have a clear mind!!


hey man if your feelinga hundred percent and all thedoc’s say so than your a 100% but you never really know with injurys, i kindof feel like if the muscle wants to pull on you than its gonna pull. I mean that might sound stupid and all but like if its ment to be than its ment to be. Like my self for instance, i was at wat i would call a 100% but i strained my hamstring three weeks ago, just doing a basic workout (150x5-16seconds-with 2min brake) I mean ifelt good my muscle wernt tight i was in realativly good shape, i dont know i think that if its in the cards its in the crads…but im probably a 100% wrong.

I disagree, there is a reason behind it if you are getting injured on an ongoing basis.

I think he meant when you first get hurt though, not getting hurt over and over. Maybe he’s on to something. What if you’re at “100%” and run at a faster speed than you ever did before, and part of your body just couldn’t take that new level? Maybe it’s something like that.


Most people get injured at some point. I’m talking about recurring.

Can anyone answer my question? Thanks alot.

If you mean the same injury or structure, im going to have to sadly say its probably because recovered tissue isn’t as strong as it used to be. Oooo man I wish that wasnt true :frowning:

I haven’t had any real bad injuries though. Just persistent niggles.

hmm austin or anyone else- Is icing the shins in general good for shin splints? its been a few weeks so i really need to take action. havent done active recovery though… but tempo runs hurt shins still

well in my knowledge its a pretty common cure for shin splints but that doesnt mean that there gonna go away, it just means that there gonna go num for awhile, ethier your gonna tough it out or u aint. Have you tried massaging the hell out of them like i suggested to you erlyier?

do a search and you should find some good info.
if they are that sore do some session’s in the pool to get off them

Austin- I’ve tried, and what happened is now I made that area tender lol. I’m trying to use the foam roller, and I just don’t get it. The more I use it, the worse my calf muscle feels…and if I squish my calf into my hamstring(like kneeling hard…which I do on the roller to hit the front of the shin muscle) that hurts the calf like hell.

hey my b on not replying havent had much time… but hey just try to stay away from the actuall calf muscle if you can. But hey guys i got a problem, i warmed up like usual i stretched i didnt feel tigh or nothing, i was doing some tempo running, i was doing 150’s but on my first 150 i came out got past the first 50 and my right hamstring just craped or puulled to were i had to stop, its benn three days since then but it still hurts like crazy, i just need to know if this is a muscle pull or just a strain?