How to keep players warm during winter speed sessions?

Suppose we do a 4x10m (falling) w/90sec rest, followed by 2min rest, then 4x10 (push-up) w/90sec rest, followed by 2mins rest, followed by 3x20m (falling) w/2min rest on hills: how can I make players don’t loose temperature and negative influence speed?
Getting in and out is not an option…

What about gentle medball passes (from medball tempo)? Will this impact speed performance afterward? Is reducing rest periods smart idea to do?

I suppose this was a dumb question!

Is it smart thing to do hill sprints on sub-zero temperature outside? Guess not… but how can I develop speed when I don’t have inside tracks nor fields? Doing more strength, plyos, medball throws and olys and hoping for the best?

you got it, heavy weights, lite weights fast, med ball throw, med ball hops, hops, bounds, short sprints 10-20m, stairs in hallway, and power speed drills. i think drills like jump squats, speed squats would be great for your situation.

I will have your suggestion on my mind! Thanks again!

I think if it is freezing outside then you shift your attention to other areas - or find an indoor facility. If you look at people’s programmes and ask why are you doing so many weights during winter you may find it is simply because that is all the CAN do! For hill sprints you could always go to a multi-story car park and run up the ramps. If it is a cold climate i guess these are insulated somewhat?

“i thinking sprinting is a good thing in any sprint program”. lol

Thanx TomCat!
BTW, what is the lowest temperature you would declare approapriate for sprint work if we suppose that there is no mud, rain, etc,etc?

ill give u my answer, i did hill work in temps of 35-40 but i reduce the rest times btw sprints, true speed work another story i wouldnt feel right unless it was 50+ at least.

Sorry, but how much is that in Celzius? Thanks :slight_smile:

hills 1.6-4.4, speed 10++.