How to include seeds, grains etc in diet

I’m trying to eat a better diet, and apart from more fruit and vegetables, i need to increase the amount of (or start eating) such foods as Seeds, Beans, Grains, Leafy Green Vegetables and Healthy Flours. I have a list for each category from a diet book if anyone wants.

Thing is I don’t really know how to include these in my diet, as I’m not the most experienced cook. So if anyone knows of any easy ways to incorporate them, has a recipe they use or can recommend a book or a link please let me know.

I think Rupert also mentioned an easy way to look for recipes on the internet - Google or something, how do you do that again?

I like to have some morning muesli and throw in some flaxseed meal. Fairly healthy, fairly high energy snack.

Have a look at the recent book by JB; easy and effective
hope it helps…

I agree, if you’re a novice cook interested in sports nutrition, John Berardi’s ebook is a good starting point. But don’t limit yourself to it.

Buy it if you can’t cook, the recipes are umm… ‘obvious’.

For beans & veg you could make a stew. Meat (not too lean, it will taste like rubber), stock (I use Knorr’s veg stock, beef might taste good with red wine and onion). Spinach could be put in the stew at the end.

Butter beans taste good. I use red lentils in my stew too (they make it more thick).