How to get high rep abs in

I currently do abs work on low intensity days, Tuesday and Thursday. My question is, however, is how do you all get the 1000+ reps in? I currently do about 500.

Any example routines or ideas would be nice. I try to follow the 30 seconds on 30 seconds off deal, with a minutes inbetween every 3 sets.

So again, any example of routines or exercise ideas (maybe some that count more than 1 rep per rep or such), would be great. Thanks for any help.

some exercises are worth more than others. Search “core calculator” by carl valle on google and you will see what I mean.

I looked it up, so I guess basically that is how people are doing it. In CF’s GPP video, he was saying they were doing 1000+ reps. Was that literally or just in “units” type measurement?

I looked it up. it’s not a bad way to compare things- but why are you doing it that way when you really want to keep things at a low intensity?
You have only so much capacity to handle high intensity activity. Why spend that precious resource in areas where you don’t have to?
High intensity ab work is present as a sub-set of the overall high intensity activities already in the program. Likewise, we want to avoid medium intensity work.

Then that would most likely mean to ditch that. The only thing is that medicine ball work, on the core calculator, was put at “5-10 units”. I guess this would still qualify as low intensity though.

So, the question still remains, how are you all pulling off those reps? And, would you all qualify med ball work as 5-10x what the reps are as the “core calculator” says?

Someone must know something on this topic.

Do you have the gpp DVD? I would do something like:

100 crunches
100 crunches with twist to side
100 crunches while bringing knees up
100 single leg jacknife situps
100 straight leg raises in seated position

do that twice. just an example