How to create sled and agility ladder?

Due low financial budget of my club, I am forced to try to build by my own sled (which I would love to use) and agility ladder! We can get medballs, but those two hardly…

Does anyone builded them? Any suggestions, material, schemes would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance.

-go to a sporting good store where they rent skis, ask them a garbage pair, usually thy give you for free.have to cut in half, and you use the part with the slopes.
-a metal trapezoid (with small “feet” for later linkage to the frame), go to someone who can knit metal, add a pipe over the trapezoidd for weight plates, and a loop in the front part to attach a rope.

  • link the 2 skis qith the metla frame, 2 holes in each ski
    -use a weight belt, attach the cord to il

in this way ti is really smooth, boh on grass and on track.

I am the King of Cheap, as I have a zero dollar budget…and that’s in CDN $.

For agility ladder, I use nylon strapping that costs about $0.20/ft… For the rungs I use the material from old election signs (we have LOTS of elections in Canada). The material is corragated plastic. Just cut it into 1 in. strips about 3’ long. Fold it and use a heavy duty staple gun and electrical tape to fasten it to the straps. I put a ring at each end of the straps to stake it to the ground.

Sleds. Anything heavy works. It depends on the surface available.
Tires - all surfaces (concrete, ashphalt, grass, gravel)

Wooden shipping skids - gravel

Plastic/metal box(with wooden runners) - grass, gravel, concrete

Carpet - grass or any indoor hard surface

Sandbags make the best weight because it doesn’t bounce around.

A guy as intelligent as you are should be able to design a sled in his sleep. Get creative.


tnx guys!

I will try to figure something out!!!

If you are near a park, park benches with people sitting on them work as an ok sled/prowler. (Use them at the park, don’t steal them :slight_smile: ).

You watched waaaaaaaay too much McGyver as a kid.


Something you might find even more usefulland more versital than an agility ladder, are about 10 rope rings approx. 20" (.5m) in diameter.
You can put them in line and use them as a ladder or arrange them in different configurations for random agility work. Zig-zag pattern, curves, etc.

In a straight line, leave about 6" (15cm) between the rings. Right foot in the ring, hop to 2 feet between the rings. Then do the series with the other foot. Alternating feet is difficult to do fast. You will soon learn which is your smart foot and which is your dumb foot.

I don’t know how much this really improves foot speed or agility, but for it makes for a great active warm-up activity and kids love to do it.
Sounds like low intensity plyos to me.


agility ladder? C’mon now duxx.

What? :o :slight_smile:
I would use them as low int plyso as TNT stated among other things to develop agility, don’t worry!

What about dot drill?
BTW, would you do agility ladder prior speed work or later? I gueess if you consider it as warm-up then it would be prior? See how I am smart guy :smiley:

Can I create agility ladder only from ropes? 2 longer ones and 10-15 smaller?

I liked the idea of using a tyre for sled work, but I have to transport it inside the bus… so… people will look at me strangely :smiley:

I can actually tie one of old granny to legs and drag her around the park… See, now those retired people have some purpose after all :smiley: :eek:


Be very careful…some of US are old people.
Instead of taking the tire ON the bus, just take the tires OFF the bus and use them. And don’t worry about people looking at you funny carrying something on a bus. They will do plenty of that once you start dragging the sled.
Just tell them you’re building a runway for alien space ships to land.

Don’t use rope to make an agility ladder. It won’t work.



if you are going to use it on the grass you can always get a spray can of marking paint and paint the grid.

otherwise mail me your address and i will send you one of mine as i have not used it for many years.

LOL! You make my day funny… thanks! :slight_smile:

Why? They are going to stubmle around it? I thinked to create really good knots…
I will also use those rope rings you recomended thanks… great idea

Are you serious???
I found one aglity ladder here but it is very poor quality… ladders are of plastic sticks!!!

I tried making a ladder out of rope. It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to get all the rungs equal length and to get the spacing even is just as difficult. I find the rings more versital. Ladders also have a tendency to get tangled when rolled up.


There are a few tricks to this. Find a good rock climber and have him/her do it. :slight_smile:

Altought I got zillion combinations that can be done with rope rings I will appreciate any more ideas… What did you do with them TNT?

We can use them for:

  • Jump and “Stick” drills (medium-large distance)
  • Jump and “bound” drill (medium-large distance)
  • Multi Jumps drills (medium-large distance)
  • Quick feet drills (short distance)

We can perform:

  • Single/double leg
  • Linear/lateral
  • Various rotations
  • etc

TNT thanks so much… I will certainly try to use them in august… Thanks “old guy” :smiley:

with my sled that I use at home, I bought a Harness from, then I tied a short rope to the harness and with the short rope i tied a 15lb plaster plate to it. Works pretty good to me. Because if you buy a sled, the sled will already weight 35lbs. And you only need 10% of bw on it. So i wouldnt buy a sled only unless you were a 350lb sprinter!

small section of sheet metal, gall.
place two inches over edge of cement or hard table and gently tap with hammer along line a bit at a time till a 30 degree angle is present along 1 length.
drill two holes both corners of bent edge to hold a small shakle each
attach 1m of chain to each shackle.
attach 10m of rope to centre of chain
attach other end of rope to gym belt (harness is way uncomforable), gym belt to be worn backwards
weld 12mm x 50mm round tube to centre of sheet metal
Add weights to sled over the top of round tube, attach gym belt (backwards) to yourself, attempt to run fast!


what are the dimensions of that metal sheet, especially thickness?

On what weight of the sled I am aim at?

12mmx50mm round tube? Diameter, length, material…