How to comment on PDF files?

I want to put little marks/underlines/etc. on a PDF file I have, yet I am unable to find a feature that allows me to do that. I have Adobe Reader (don’t know what version), but I believe it is the most up to date one. I didn’t pay for it though, it is the free one they offer on there site.

Anyone know how to make comments, marks on the PDF with my version of Adobe Reader? Thanks for any information.

I don’t know on a PC, but if you’re running a Mac, I can help. Let me know. I’m sure others here can lend a hand who are running on a PC.

I am using a PC, so…

People actually use Macs? :slight_smile: Just kidding.

Anyways, seriously, if anyone knows how they could help, that would be great.

But, Vito, just say how you do it on a mac if you dont mind. It might be very similar on PC.

Anyone, someone must know how to do it?


Open up the help function in Acrobat and check into your requirements on commenting PDFs. Easy as 1,2,3.


It works in Acrobat Professional but I don’t have the reader version. Its under “comment and review”. TC