How to Build Posterior Chain Power


all that vector stuff is bret contarse…

Hmm…I read the article (quickly, I must admit). Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t I need some sort of velocity component to improve power? :slight_smile:

A very wise man once told me “There is a great difference between strength & the ability to display it quickly”.

In my opinion…power = force x velocity; therefore, if force can be improved without hurting velocity, I think it is beneficial.

Also, Coach Francis said that heavy weights are all general strength and have general effect on nervous system which is important for speed as well. I myself am still trying to figure out the exact relationship; where strength training benefits speed and where it’s too much and begin hurting speed.

I probably wouldn’t do a ton of assistance exercises that requires light weight (like one legged stuff) unless it’s clear limiting factor for an individual; I’d think some barbell hip thrust and RDL would be helpful. I am currently interested heavy kettlebell swings and feel like it’s faster, lighter version of RDL but slower, heavier than backwards MB throw.

I enjoy slapping on the weight for some rdl and hip thrusts. I think some of the stuff outlined in this article is probably decent to do during gpp/accumulation phase.

I like doing lifts that target the p chain. I will probably do a modified version of this during my gpp just to see how I respond.

I think so. I think it’s best to pick the heavy weight big muscle ones first. So many people easily become quad dominant and can’t do anything outside the weight room. Then again, I feel guilty of doing sets of snatch and squats then have no time left for weight room…