How much work in a session?

How can you tell when you’re trained enough to improve in a session? I can tell when I’ve done all I can for the day, but should I leave a cushion below that for the CNS to recover optimally? Of course for my thing(juggling) it’s of utmost importance for motor learning to take place as well as improving throw velocity and frequency. Does motor learning conflict with speed development? Will strength training “too soon” actually slow me down, as has been suggested in another thread?


How heavy are the balls and how fast or at what rate do you need to juggle the balls? Do you run the 100m and juggle at the same time?

How many hours a day do you train/juggle/perform? Times per week? You lift weights for juggling? Do you think you need strength training for juggling?

Throw velocity can’t be maximal for juggling unless you are trying to juggle 30lb chain saws. Otherwise the balls would be launched into tomorow.

hahahahahahahaha I’m sorry that’s just too funny herb!!!

Make sure your CNS is on- and the chainsaws are off.

The rings and clubs are quite light, a few oz. for a ring and about 6 oz. for a club. I need a throw frequency of about 4 per sec to throw rings about 18 ft. high.

No, but there’s a few guys who have run under 12 sec with 3 balls.

I try to train 40 min a day, alternating high numbers(attempts at 4 in one hand, runs with 3 in 1). What’s messing me up right now is performing, which I’m trying to make enough at other work to not have to do what I’m doing, which is hours a day on the weekends which leaves me too tired for good training those days.

I’ve just re-started lifting after turning into dough for too long. The two best numbers guys in the world both lift, and so do several other top guys, so yeah, I think strength training probably helps.

Did you mean throw force can’t be maximal? In any case, it ain’t easy to get a ring up 20 feet without a big heave which I don’t have time for. Throw power must be increased, right? to get them up there 18 ft. 4 times/sec.(per hand). But I need speed and suppleness in the hand, too: I need relaxed quickness while still having the oomph to get them up there accurately in time to catch the ones coming down.

My current thinking is to do fairly light work for the arms to avoid tenseness while training RFD with box jumps, in addition to a just-starting-back general weights program.

I’m concerned that my motor learning goals may be in conflict with speed/power training. I’m not yet quick and powerful enough to throw at the rate I need to do 8(rings), and ten seems impossible. What effect does muscle tonus have on control? I have a million questions but I’ll not ask them all at once :smiley: