How much will i improve?

Allright guys i’ve got five weeks left in my college season and i just hit a PR in the 100m(10.67) and the 200m(21.72)…so with that in mind how much faster do u think i could go in five weeks? Im thinking a tenth. But see i’ve hurt my hamstring twice this season and when i ran those times it was my first time in like four weeks…i feel that im only begining to tap my potential…i mean i only started training seriously last track season and my times have droped by five tenths since then…anyways the other question is by mid july how much could i go? (theoreticaly of course) Im a freshman 19yrs old.

Are you getting therapy for the hamstring problems? If so, possibly much faster, but not getting that fixed will cause you many problems down the road.

YEa im doing all i can with the traininers and all. o yea i just hit a 10.63 on wendsday the 12th.

Awesome job man!

I would think about taking it easy for a couple days. Alot of times people hit a big PB then think if they work harder or with more intensity then they will PB even more. This would be risky especially considering your hamstring history.

And take a look at what it is causing the hamstring problem. There must be something in the way you run or your level of conditioning causing these problems…


i think you are the best to answer your own question like you did.
With correct training(recovery!) you can go for about 1 tenth per year. But if you believe you are just beginning- of course 10-18 1/100sec are possible

thanks guys…i’ll take head to what u guys are saying and apply it to my training.