How much does relaxation help

How much will relaxation help IN my 100m time?

tenth?two tenths?

K relaxation is what seperates international with world class.its a neccessity to running fast and the faster you want to go the more relaxed you must be.its strange but improves while ina relaxed state.personally i think co-ordination/relaxation and rhythem go hand in hand

How much does relaxation help? It’s the difference between success and failure- nothing less!

But Charlie…the part I don’t understand is when to RELAX…or when to stop pushing???

i had a revolution the other day…it was the first time I actually relaxed…my face started bouncing all over the place and as soon as that started happening I heard my turn over start moving faster…

so when do i stop pushing and start relaxing??


You already did it! You just need to get a few experiences under your belt and it will come together.

Thanks Charlie!

Maybe that’s why in the 60m i don’t really have to worry bout worrying to relax because it’s a short distance…

i guess relaxing and maintaing will help me with the rest of my race (100m)