How much coconut oil


Recently discover this forum and have just been reading about the beneifts of coconut oil and how many of you seem to be using it.

I did a search and found quite a few articles but could not seem to find any specifics on how much of this oil should be used. Is there any kind of general recommendations?

I currently use Udo’s oil at around 2 tbsp split throughout the day, so would appreciate any recommendations as two how much coconut oil I should add.

I am 6’0 tall, 187lbs, around 12% bf if this helps.



Amount you use totally depends on your current diet protocols, goals, etc. But, I would imagine that most people here are following Clemson’s protocols or a derivative of it, supplementing about 40-60 grams may be a good starting figure. If you use coconut milk in your shake(s), a 13oz can I believe yields ~ 60 grams of fat. If you follow Berardi’s macro combos, good way to P+F it up, is by a divine BSL anti-catabolic formula + coconut milk. Or slam some coconut oil and wash it down with a BSL formula or any other high quality casein mixture.

This all depends on your metabolism and training style…I use vertical integration with macronutirent splitting and I find athletes actually loose fat with high doses of fish oil, olive oil, and coconut fat. New athletes take half the amount to start since they tend to have fasting glucose levels in the morning above 110 from years of eating stupid cereals and washing meals with soda.

Remember to use the taste of thai for a store bought brand.

Taste of Thai beats Goya then? why is that?

They do the testing now since I don’t like spending my money anymore…check the sources page.

I live in the Uk and at the moment this is the only brand that is sold over here.

It is coconut oil not milk. On the side it says expeller pressed, not solvents used in manufacture

As I am new to using this, basically I will try working my way upto 40-60 grams.

thanks for info

Where do you buy your coconut oil from here in the UK? Holland and Barrett?

I haven’t come across coconut oil over here yet, but have been consuming 200ml (half a can) of coconut milk ever since reading Clemson’s articles and posts on the value of coconut fat for athletes. I have only come across one brand- Dunn’s River, and it costs only 50p per 400ml can and you can buy it at Sainsbury’s. I’m not sure if I’m getting any benefit out of this brand and dosage, as Clemson will not have heard of the brand . I will try to switch to a good oil when I get chance.