How is this for a Dback trying to get stronger?

Bench presses
weighted dips
Overhead Presses

Bent over rows
weighted chins(thick pull up bar, palms facing away, lil wider than shoulders but not too much)
close grip bench presses
—When i do deadlifts, at the top of the lift i do a shoulder shrub for traps—

Squats(a lil wider than the normal squat position)
Box Hops
50% max stiff leg dead lift(I have weak hams)

Conditioning consist of something called the tabata method. You can get hardcore endurance from this! I do this every other day which is twice a week. And i do sprints and distance running on weekends.

Btw, I am 5’8" and i weigh 130lbs. even. Yea i know i need to eat more and trust me, im working on it. I dont have a 40 time and I havent tested my max lifts for the Deadlifts and squats and stuff. I take creatine(1 scoop) and drink it as a post workout drink. I drink protein shakes every now and then. I dont do ab work or grip work yet because i know that workout up there kills your abs and forearms but i am gonna start training them pretty soon. So, what do ya think?

Rep scheme is 3 sets of 6 for the weights.

Is the football thread always this dead?

No, but you cant expect instantaneous response. As for the tabata intervals, why? The conditioning involved for a football game is not the same as the conditioning you train when you do tabata intervals. I suspect you got that from menshealth website or some other thing like that (t-mag, etc.). Why dont you show your work week including all running, lifting, and whatever else you might be doing for each day. That’d give us a better idea.

As for the weights, I think you should rethink the setup, as it doesnt look very effecient. Also, I would suggest doing at least 4 weeks of just hypertrophy phase to get your muscle mass up, and then go right into a max strength phase after that.

Finally, arent you in the middle of football season right now? Why would you need to work on your grip and forearm strength? That’s not important for a DB at all, instead you should focus on strengthening your core so you have the stability and ability to transition smoothly for change of direction and getting low for tackles and whatnot.

It looks pretty good to me. I would add some more shoulder work on Monday. One exercise is really not enough. Strong shoulders are pretty important. You do shrugs on a different day and that is fine. Maybe add some upright rows and lateral raises.

I think your workout routine looks pretty good though. Make sure you stretch out often unless you like to be injured.


Hmmm… You are doing a split routine. For a beginner such as yourself, you can probably do anything and make improvements. However, I would rather see you do a full body workout on MWF. On each day do the following:

  1. Squat OR deadlift OR variation (you need a big lower body lift)
  2. Bench, db bench, OR incline bench (you need a big upper body lift)
  3. Pull ups OR rows (you need a big back lift)
  4. A posterior chain lift (RDL, rev hyper, GHG raise)
  5. Anything else you have energy for…shoulders, biceps, etc.

Since you are looking for hypertrophy, keep the reps in the mid range 6 - 12 and don’t get too excited about your conditioning. If you use too much enegery there, you will undermine your efforts to build muscle.

However, you should make sure to continue to work on speed and db technique. You don’t need a lot of volume, but it should be quality work. Do this before you lift.

DB, answer some background questions for us.


I’ll assume your in your competitive season now. How much playing time are you getting?

Varsity, JV, freshman?

Are you able to train on your own or do you train with the team?

Drop the tabata and endurance runs. At 130 pounds, by the middle of October you’ll be 115 and you’ll be recruited for the cross-country team.


no good, sorry to be a dick, theres so much on football training around here, look around, then ask again

What about this:

bench presses
weighted dips
overhead presses
close grip bench presses

Deadlifts—When i do deadlifts, at the top of the lift i do a shoulder shrub for traps—
weighted chins(thick pull up bar, palms facing away, lil wider than shoulders but not too much)
bent over rows
stiff legged dead lifts

box squats
box hops
40-yd sprints

I will start out at 3x8, then after i feel a difference i will go to 4x8. Once i reach 5x8 i will start reducing reps. My assistance reps will stay at 4-6 and all lifts at 5 sets.

Some answered questions:

I am JV

I couldnt play this year because i had to baby sit during spring training which was mandatory. So I train alone.

Sorry for bein so late. As you know we have been hit by Katrina and I have been to busy to post.

What do you have in mind about core work? I figured weighted hanging leg raises, weighted sit ups, and saxon side bends. One exercise after each workout day. What do ya think? Im just tired of bein the “lil” guy on the sideline never getting to play any. Please help…

DB, to be brief, I’m out the door again, switch squat day to the first training day of the week. You need to gain weight and leg training first and foremost is crucial. Also, you need more balance on your upper body day. You should be performing your bent over rows on this day. Finally, up your reps to 12-10 for a while. At your age and level of training, low reps won’t get you much size.

Where are you in LA? How are things going for you now. Anything you and your folks need down there?


I figured rows should go on the back day. We are all right. I live in Mississippi but everything is all good. Jus alot of flood damage.

So legs then back then chest? In that order?

Do this instead

DB, check your PM.