how good is calcium caseinate as a source of protein???

how good is calcium caseinate as a source of protein??? Some say really good bc it has a good aminoacid readout/breakdown, some say really bad because it isn’t incorporated by the body, some say it’ works the kidneys too hard, anyone care to share their knowledge??

A good protein

  • I use it with a whey mix 50:50 for proetin during the day.
    Don’t use post workout - very slowly absorbing.

Ideal before bed. There’s a school of thought which says flax oil together with cottage cheese is a potent combination. (Budwig uses it to treat cancer)

but howa bout using it for example as a Nutritionist told me to mix it with “Ensure” to get a “supplementary” liquid meal in during the day, i.e. get the extra calories and extra grams of protein I need to keep “growing” (stronger and faster)

what was the nutritionist reasons for mixing with ensure?

Ensure is supposed to be a complete meal, with carbs, proteins, fats and minerals etc… it was his way to supplement to make sure I was getting all the calories I need in a day, 'cos it’s hard to eat over 2400 calories in a day when you spend 8am-6pm at uni then go to training and get home at about 9:30-10pm. It would have called for an amazing amount of time sitting down and eating just to get the 1900 calories to keep my basal metabolism going without supplementation.

So basically that’s why, plus at $6000 pesos for a tin of ensure and $6000 pesos for a tin of calcium caseinate it works out a whole lot cheaper than a $42000 Weight gainer or Whey protein or meal replacement shake. ($1 US is about 580-600 pesos)

that a rough schedule, what are you studying?
but how many ensures are you planning on having per day, per week?

its cheap for a reason.

Studying dentistry at University of Chile and just got the news today that I passed into 4th year.

So far the ensures were programmed for one one hour after or before breakfast, and one before bed

i wouldnt give ensure to my pet hamster. any ready to drink “protein” shake needs to be pasteurized(sp) and the process of heating it burns of alot of the protein. the labrada, eas and go are in a special type of containers (soft sides) and they only need to be flash heated to meet fda standards butt anything in a can like ensure or carnation instant breakfast needs to be brought to the given temp (sorry dont know what it is) and kept there for a certain length of time (45 secs i think) and that kills the biological value of the protein.

True that at high temperatures preteins become denatured, but Ensure is supposedly used to feed people who can’t eat normal food, through naso gastric tubes etc… so why would they put out a product and keep it on the “medical” market if it didn’t comply with the necessary requirements or at least what it says. As far as I know ensure is recommended by doctors for parenteral nutrition, so it should be ok. also nightmare, despite the fact that it comes in a can it is a powder, it has to be mixed with water or milk to be re-constituted

anything worth having is going to cost some money, like i said before it’s cheap for a reason.