How fast will Mo run in Portland? Any predictions?

Mo will run his opening 100 meters this
Saturday in Portland. Is he ready to
run fast? My guess in 9.98. Any other

it’s hard to predict the time, but i think he will look much better than tim did opening up.

What’s the weather likely to be like? What’s the track like? Is it always wind aided there?

i predict…9.95 w

Top 8 if he runs and stays injury free. :smiley:

I say he runs a mediocre time and blames a sore muscle, the weather, his competition, or all of the above.

I also predict that if he runs poorly, Michael Johnson will have another article in the telegraph slamming him.

Dear Charlie:

The weather forcast for Portland on
Saturday is “cool and damp”. Coby
Miller has run 9.98 on this track.
Take a risk and have some fun.
What’s your prediction? We all
realize that any prediction is not
much more than a “wild guess”.




[Hey 716 - By the way - What’s the prize?]


10.12 with a grin and no tongue




9.96sec for BIG MO!

I won’t predict a time for Mo- but I will predict an unpleasant article from Michael Johnson. If Mo runs well, Michael will just move on and bitch about something or someone else.


mo went 10.33, horrible conditions though. ran into a headwind, and it was wet. he was limping around afterwards, i guess the injury is still bothering him.