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Usain Bolt 9.55 theory is dismissed

Wed 17/09/2008 17:00

A pair of leading sports scientists have dismissed claims Usain Bolt could have run 9.55 had he not started showboating 20m from the finish line ahead of his 9.69 world record breaking 100m gold medal performance in Beijing, reports.

Sports scientists from Oslo announced last week Bolt could have run up to 0.14 faster had he not started his exuberant celebrations in the Olympic final.

However, Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas of believe the Norwegians’ assessment to be flawed and argue the quickest Bolt could have ran in the Bird’s Nest Stadium was 9.61.

The duo criticised the findings of the Oslo team which claimed that if Bolt maintains an acceleration 0.5m/s2 greater than the silver medallist, Richard Thompson, the giant Jamaican would have sprinted to a time of 9.55. say this conclusion is flawed when studying the official 10m splits from the race, which were published on earlier this month.

They argue it is not physiologically possible to find an extra 0.14 by assessing the end of the race and say Bolt’s fastest split of 0.82 – between 60m-70m – was the fastest ever recorded for a 10m segment.

“That’s not to say, of course, that Bolt would not be able to run a 0.80s segment,” they write. “But the key is the pacing strategy - nobody speeds up progressively all the way to the finish line. Nobody. There are mechanical and metabolic reasons for this, but the point is that even holding that speed would be unusual, and speeding up would be highly, highly unlikely. Note, for example, that Bolt has already started slowing down BEFORE he starts celebrating. According to the splits, Bolt slows from 70m to 80m. The celebrations started at 80m. So speeding up? I don’t think so."

Tucker and Dugas say that to find the extra 0.14 the Norwegians propose Bolt would have to speed up at the end of the race.
They continue: “Again, I must stress that this has never been done - I believe it to be impossible to speed up this much after 70m, and even Bolt would have slowed, or at the very best, held his speed. The whole basis for the argument by the physicists is flawed because there is no reason to believe that Bolt would continue to run faster than Thompson, or accelerate.”

They argue that even if Bolt maintains his top speed over the final 30m he will run 9.605, however they are adamant he would slow down in the latter stages even without his celebrations and the likely winning time is somewhere between 9.61 and 9.69.

Add 1.5m tailwind and u get 9.55 :slight_smile:

Judging from his splits, I can see a 9.59.

Bolt could go as fast as he wants… he is amazing