How do you use a weight gainer

i get up at 6:15am then the school conditioning program starts at 7:00. so i cant eat breakfast.
and i wanna slap on some mass. and when is the best time to take a weight gainer according to my schedule

and does this weight gainer look good?

2-3 cups of milk
2 scoops of Optimum whey protein
1 cup of oats

what were yalls method for making yalls own weight gainer

I think I speak for most of us when I say I don’t use ‘weight gainer’ … Most people on the forum are sprinters/runners trying to stay light yet strong as possible… Now for football on the other hand, putting on weight isn’t bad… As long as it’s clean weight. Why can’t you eat breakfast? What kind of things are you doing at 7 in the morning? Wake up earlier than 6:15 and eat something. As far as that shake goes, that looks decent… Maybe a second post-workout meal even after your first P+C drink? Never had experience with “weight gainer” powders… Those things are like 1000+ calories per serving… Do a search in the nutrition section about what specifically you’re looking to do.

im gonna be doing track stuff in the morning, and if i drink shake with the milk in it will not digest in time probably and ill puke.

would it be good to take the weight gainer bfore bed,

I have no idea how many calories ku2u gets in a day, but his “weight gainer” is probably about 800 calories. The fact that he is an athlete training every day means he is probably taking in 3000+ calories a day, so the chances of him putting on too much mass by consuming that drink is probably not very likely. I think he would be better off getting the extra sleep and pounding down a liquid meal instead of getting less sleep to eat solid foods. Plus, if he is like me, he may find it is easier to drink a meal rather than eat a meal immediately upon waking up.

True… Good point.

What about a weight gainer after very intensive special endurance sessions?
(like 2x300 100% with full recovery)

That’s when I used to take it sometimes and it didn’t make me gain weight…is that bad or just useless? THX

example: contents:

130g Powder=1 serving contains:
• 35g Protein
• 89,8g Carbohdydrates
• 0,6g Fat
• 505 Calories

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, PROFORCE® Proteinformula=undenaturated Milk Protein Isolate (Caseinate, Globuline, Albumine, Lactoferrin) and undenaturated Whey Protein Isolate (Alpha-Lactalbumine, Beta-Lactoglobuline, Glycomacro-peptide), defatted Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavor), Flavouring, Dipotassium phosphate, Magnesium carbonate, Sweetener Aspartame* (Vanilla Flavor contains192mg per 100g product=400 to 500mg per liter, Chocolate Flavor contains 231mg per 100g product=480 to 600mg per liter ready to drink mix),Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin E, Pantothenic acid, BetaCarotene as Provitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Folic acid, Biotin, Vitamin B12

guys isn’t there a difference between a mas gainer and a protien powder! I believe an athlete should be taking protien powders on a regular basis. But mass gainers, may be for beginers and then switch to protien powders.

I use my weight gainer with whey after training. Weight gain will depend on the amount you’re using. A lot will say use 4-6 scoops, if you use it that way for sure you’ll put on extra weight, but if you use it in moderation there shouldn’t be a problem.

Right, of course it is. But what should I take after a very intensive SE session?

What I posted is basically prot. powder (of PROFORCE® Proteinformula & undenaturated Whey Protein), just with a lot of carbs from maltodextrin, multivitamin, some mineral. (=weight gainer)

Most weight gainers contain large amounts of sugar and other crap you dont need. YOu will gain weight but if will be fat. I suggest you just suck down more protein. 2-3 grams per pound of bodyweight a day. leave the weight gainer on the shelf. No pro athlete would be caught dead using that crap. Get some good protein powder and meal replacement shakes.

But yet, as reported on this site, have been seen in the Olympic Villiage scoffing down McD’s finest! Maybe the ‘would’ is more accurately a ‘should’…! :slight_smile:

When you are ready to go from a year of training the last week’s nutrition will not be a big factor. Mike Barrowman had a big mac before his world record at Barcelona but ate well during the year. The olympic village had McDonalds…big deal. Watch him in NYC having dinner with a senorita or in Boston…they aren’t having mcdonalds then! He may go to krispy kreme after a big race or after the season is over but most of the time sprinters are eating well. Even if they don’t, no big deal since great hormones does a lot to fix bad diets. Give me the growth hormone of a young college football player at USC!