how do these people get into World meets?

Why are there people in the Olympics and World Championships that are garbage? For example I think someone in the 200 today ran a 23 or 24 and it was listed as their PB. And in past Olympics I remember peopel running like 11.8. How do these people get in?

Every member of the IAAF have the right to send one male and one female athlete to the world championships regardless of qualification limits.

The IAAF wants to anounce as many competing countries as possible - and showcase the stars through as many rounds as possible. Strict application of the entry standards would remove one round in the sprints- and in some events two.

Maria Mutola ran like garbage at her first Olympics in Seoul in 1988, a charity case from Mozambique. Sometimes something (someone) good can come out of giving a free pass to countries with no athletics tradition. Mind you, the IOC had to send her to the US for coaching with Margo Jennings before we discocvered what a talent she really had.

Another example was Naftali Temu from Kenya. He was sent to the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo and got lapped twice in the 10K. He came back in 1968 and won it.