how do i get the best general fitness possible?

im trying to get into the best possible general shape this summer as i can. ive found that my fitness coming out of this track season was absolute garbage. how would i go about this? i plan to do a lot of extensive tempo, some intensive tempo, a little acceleration development, a lot of martial arts, and either a little or a lot of weights. im not sure about my exact schedule yet, but itll look something like this:

m: martial arts, accel dev, weights
t: extensive tempo, circuits
w: martial arts, intensive tempo, maybe circuits
th: extensive tempo, circuits
f: weights, maybe accel dev, martial arts
s: low volume extensive tempo or rest

tell me what you guys think.

What distances do you run? How old are you and what is your training background? Also, how many weeks do you have until your next competition? I am no expert, but those are the typical questions the members on this site may ask you before they answer your question. At first glance, I would take out the intensive tempo and add a speed day instead.

i run the 100 and 110HH mostly. i have also started taking the 300IH more seriously this season. im 17 and just finished 11th grade. ive been training since i was in 6th grade. my next meet wont be until sometime in january. do you really think i should take out intensive tempo when my goal is general fitness?

I think the martial arts is a good idea.
Two summers ago I trained through summer doing track stuff and not only did I get kind of sick of it, but by the end I was burned out and I didn’t have the motivation to go out and do workouts every day.

What helps a lot is biking or swimming or doing something else that your body is not used to one or two days a week- it keeps you fresh, helps your all around fitness, and keeps you from being bored. Something like swimming/biking will be an aerobic activity that your body has not adapted to (I assume) which will help your general fitness a lot. Always doing the same things can make it difficult to jump-start getting in shape for more than one reason.

I would keep intensive tempo, but adding a speed day is not a bad idea… even if you are doing other stuff, you don’t want to totally lose sight of why you’re training! Which I assume eventually is for speed speed speed.

My two cents in a nutshell :smiley:

i thought i made it obvious i was doing at least one speed day a week, maybe two. unless you think i should do 3? but maybe the vocab i learned on another track site isnt the same as here ;). i might try biking, but my bike is such an impossible piece of **** that maybe not. but it is really hilly around here so i dont know. ill try swimming since my dad lives on a lake, but i am notorious for my lack of swimming skills :D. any other ideas? keep them comin!

Checkout the entire site at crossfit everyday is different. Pretty good general fitness. Remember, you don’t have to follow it exactly.
Beware though, jack of all trades, master of none.

thanks for the link trainjump. i wouldnt be worried about jack of all trades when im trying to get in better general shape though.