How can I save a "read only" Excel file?

I have a file that I got off the net that is a “read only” excel file. I remember being able to save these things in a certain way, but forgot how. Does anyone know how to do it? I think you change the name or something, but everything I’ve tried wont let it work. Thanks for any help.

Check this out

Hope that helps


Go to Win Explorer and right click on the file. Go to Properties and tick/untick the “Read only” box.
Hope this is what you want… :o

I downloaded it, and right clicked on the file, and went to properties. The box that has “read only” is unable to be checked or unchecked.

I still am not sure what is up.

Problem solved. Thanks for the responses though.

Do tell us how it was solved. I’m interested.



When you click on the file, you get the option to either open it, or to save it. I saved it instead of clicking “open” as I was before.

Then, change the name, and it is saved to your computer. Now do I get my “CF dollars” :).

which is what I suggested in my PM so feel free to gift the CF$ to me :stuck_out_tongue:

You told me the save as thing, which is the common sense part. The part you didn’t tell me, that solved the problem, was that you don’t click “open” when downloading, you click “save”. So, I get the “CF dollars” in the end :).