How big is a typical sprinter?

I am not exactly “into” the whole olympics/ sprinting scene, and I tried to look up stuff on charlie francis and (dammit i already forgot) some other sprinters, and couldn’t find any stats on their size. I imagine their bodyfat % is low, but what is a typical size for sprinters? I am talking like a 100m runner, not anything longer.


How long is a piece of string MOP…

I think you would agree, if you look at all the past WR holders and Olympic/Worlds gold medalist the body types are variable. I think the determining factor goes beyond the size of the sprinter but more to the genetic make up of that individual.


The reason I am wondering is because I cannot imagine some 5’8 250lbs. guy running a 10s 100m. I understand the body types will vary. I guess my question is “Are there any big sprinters?”


Big Sprinters (muscularity) that come to mind are:

Dwain Chambers
Linford Christie
Shawn Crawford
Coby Miller
Bruny Surin
Doug Turner

Do you know their stats? (height/ weight) I will look for more info on them as well. Nevermind I just googled it lol.


I know that Shawn Crawford weighs around 190 now, he ran a 6.55 60m a couple weeks ago at the Reebok Indoor. I think Linford was over 200 and he was a sub-10 man. Bo Jackson, although he wasn’t an elite sprinter, was fast, and he weighed around 220. I believe that its possible for a 5’8-250 guy to guy sub-11 but I can’t imagine someone like that coming near 10 flat.

You haven’t heard of the “Secret EG Tables”?
A 5’10" 185 guy was told by a Guru on a phone consult that he needed to muscle up 20lbs cause: “I have the East German Tables in front of me!”

What are the “East German Tables”?

They are a load of BS- no such thing!

Hey Charlie, I’m 16 years old 5"10 and 185, 5% bf. Do you think that I need to try to lose some bulk? I don’t feel like I do, but my friends say they think I do, and my coach has said I need to watch out because I’m risking getting too “muscle-bound”. But I dont see this because I continue to beat old PR’s.

As you train more, I suspect your weight will sort itself out.

Who cares what other people think and say? Thats an old school mentality “being muscle bound” makes you slow. People have/still continue to tell me that shit all the time.

You said you are running faster each week. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.
Track and field is a contest of who can get from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time. You don’t get time subtracted for you weight. If you continue to gain weight and if your time(s) seize to improve then your added size may be something to consider.
How does you body feel during training and competing?

At the beginning of the season i was 190 then my weight dropped down to 180, but now I’ve gained 5 pounds back. I just feel really strong and powerful, i have a really good strength to weight ratio. I can bench 305 and squat over 420. I just dont know whether or not losing a little bit of weight could help me out.

Dont worry about it. Keep working on improving your strength to weight ratio and when you sprint times fail to improve in a linear fashion with your strength to weight ratio then start to make minor changes.

Dwain Chambers and Kim Collins. Totally differant size but similar speed.

Chambers kinda looks like a really muscular Steve Urkel in that pic ROFL. But I understand.


Thanks, i guess your right. If my times are improving then there’s no problem.

I wouldn’t look at things in terms of finding a target weight. Just keep training and eating right and you should find a weight that’s right for you because nobody is the same.

Benching 305 and squatting 420 at 16 :eek: that’s impressive.

Kinda curious… about the whole strength to weight thing that is.

Since Im about 153lbs. what should my strength be?

bench, squat, etc. stuff like that.

There is no answer to that. There are guys that weight that’ll squat 450 and others that’ll squat 200 and they could very well be around the same speed / power. Everyone is different. Just keep bettering yourself individually.