How Ben beat Carl in Seoul

I was looking at the seoul '88 race and noticed that between 35m-50m Ben, Carl and Linford all have the same timing
with their strides.
Carefully watch the arms of Ben, Carl and Linford. Sorry for the large clip (1MB)
Actually for nearly 20m the stride frequency is the same and then it looks like as soon as they hit the 50m mark (there is a line across the track which I think is about 50m), Ben maintains his stride frequency while everyone else gets slower…including Lewis.

I have a few questions:

  1. Does Ben get faster or does everyone else get slower, or both??
  2. Would you agree that While Ben’s start was fantastic, this is where the race is won (40m-70m).
  3. How do you train to improve mid race acceleration.

Sorry for all the questions in one post.

The answers to these questions have been discussed in great depth on the older forum. I will try to find the thread and post it. until then, type in Seoul or other key words and see what comes up. :smiley:


Get youself a copy of speed trap - excellent read.

Charlie describes the race in 10m segments.