Hot new news... Tim vs Dwain at Prefontaine

Today, Dwain was added to the 100 meter field in Eugene a week from this Saturday. Dwain had a very poor opening race in Modesto last week. Dwain had bad calf cramps and then hamstring cramps during the first 40 meters, so he was unable to accelerate properly because of the pain. After the first 40
meters, Dwain was about 2.5 meters
behind Ato. Dwain gained about two
meters during the last 60 and fininshed
about a half a meter behind, 10.15 to 10.19. I say this because this Modesto race was not an indication of Dwain’s ability to run fast at this time. Any predictions regarding the 100 meter
race a week from Saturday in Eugene involving Tim and Dwain? I think picking the winner is about a toss up and the winning time will be about 9.95. 9.95 was Tim’s winning time on this same track at the 2001 national championships.
Any other “wild guesses” regarding the
outcome? Who knows, maybe they will
both get beat.

Dwain better sort out those cramp problems, they messed up his bid for commonwealth gold in front of a home crowd.

I predict a scathing attack by Michael Johnson on whoever doesn’t run well. If the BOTH run well- there’s always Mo!

I remember Mj criticising konstadinos for his “slow” first 100m when he won the Olympic 200m gold. That I couldn’t understand becuase, apart from mj himself, any 200m man might do well to observe the pace control of konstadinos in a 200m.