Just couldn’t resist could you.:smiley:

I agree (again, unbelievable). If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

Results in the lab, and results in the real world can differ greatly (HMB, say no more).

Honey - whilst this may not give great results in the lab (see above), its true benefits might come from its enzymes, etc, which were not tested for.

Could the type of carb, have a lot to do with the type of workout that proceeded it. I know, there are many times, when I cannot face food after a workout, but, I can knock back I drink.

Agree- Postworkout nutrition (liquid or meal) is a must.

hey chris p,
will coffee make you glucose intolerant or were you just kidding?
(i drink alot of coffee):o

Again, right before the research was presented in Montreal, a coffee break was offered to the attendees. How many lumps, one or two?


go to t-mag.com and do a search on the caffiene roundtable.

Interesting stuff.


I was in a hurry earlier:




I love coffee also, so my answer is biased. But from what I have read, the consensus is that coffee is no problem in moderation. I think a certian individual reading research just overreacted and gets very dogmatic over his beliefs.
Just for some antidotal info (take it for what its worth), a competitve bodybuilder I know, who is natural, has 1-2 cups of coffee every morning. He does this even pre-contest, and he gets shredded, I am talking saran-wrap lean. He usually stays lean year around ie four-six pack. I would imagine if coffee made him glucose intolerant it would be tough for him to keep this condition. Again, not scientific, but I wouldnt stress it. Key is moderation. If your drinking a pot a day, with plenty of cream and sugar, you should probably cut back…

i drink at least 1-2 cups every morning and maybe 3-4 times a week ill have expresso or green tea in the afternoon- i never take sugar or cream in any of the above.

personal opinion on honey- if i havent had proper nutrition throughout the day and i need to get my training started before a meal can digest ill take 1-2 spoonfulls of honey- the way it is broken down slowly and steady for me is good for providing constant energy throughout my training session. this isnt science but rather a personal observation. i got this natural raw honey when i was in greece and it is awesome! i think the most natural and undisturbed honey is the best- that stuff in the supermarkets doesnt compare imho.
royal jelly- ive used it the past and thought it was an ok product-if you have access to a cheap and reliable supply i would take it regularly

I have went with a sustained period without any coffee, and my BF % did not alter.

It appears that the negative aspects of coffee and cancelled out by its benefits (fat burner).

I am now back drinking coffee, but, all I do now is try to not to drink it too close (before or after) to a Protein and Carbohydrate meal, not including post workout.

Chris P - Alot of bodybuilders still use coffee to help them with their fat loss, and to help them through the tortures of low-carb dieting.

Isolated consumption is far different then meals…

If I have coffee with a meal, I will only drink it ,if it is a Protein and Fat meal.

Coffee…find for 100m guys but 400m guys might bonk.


what pre-race supplementation do you recommend to your 400m guys?

The only thing bonking here is clemson’s last post.

Where would I find a high quality honey?

Wasn’t most of the research cited funded by the National Honey Foundation?