Holiday Training

Hi Members,

Just wanted to know what all of us are doing for the Holiday’s, training or otherwise.


I start my season the week of X-Mas (Dec. 22 is 1st day). And yes, I will be training on X-Mas.

I am going to eat and drink in massive quantities :slight_smile:

Try to get a couple of workouts in but mostly going to relax catch up on my sleep and spend time with my family :slight_smile:

I will be entering pre-comp on the 22nd and nothing is going to get in my way between then and the competition-phase.
As Clemson will know I have been educating my mother on the finer points of an athletes diet…

I have gone into a heavy period of training after an intital blast of competitions.

My training will be heavy weights and most likely hills. I live on top of a hill.

BUt I am allowing myself to have Friday and Saturdays off to party.

I have no organised training Christmas, Boxing or News Year day. So I can spend time with family and friends.

I believe I am schedule for games on December the 27th and 3rd January (weather permitting). Those games will not be pretty.

So we will train at least once each week prior to the games (I would imagine - but will know for sure nearer the time).

My weight training is dow on maintenance just now and this will continue until start of January. Recharging the batteries.

My own training will vert much depend on the weather.

But, I can guarantee I WILL BE EATING ALOT and have the odd drink (us Scots are famous for that).

My entire break will consist of snowboarding, and little else. Can’t wait for my first time out this season, hopefully this weekend.

If history is any indicator I will be training everyday except for the 25th. I have a big meet at the end of my holiday vacation.

M.S.C ha ha ha ha, have fun.

one or two weights at most

i have 3 bball tournaments during the christmas break…haha