Hobley's Journey to Junior Nationals

Well lets see… This season was my high school sophomore season and for the better part of it I was injured but set some decent PR’s while injured.
200m: 21.2 split
100: 10.47 legal
200:21.57 legal
400: 47.77 46.4split

I surpassed my goals but because they were all while I was injured it left me wanting more and now Im hungry.I’ve sat around dormant since late April and Im ready to get back into training. My goal for next year is to stay healthy as I plan on going to Junior Nationals to qualify for Pan Am Jrs.

Running right now will be limited until I consult with a doctor so today as im just starting I just did some stretching and in I did 500 crunches/sit-ups with dynamic movements. I’ll do 500 more tonight. Eventually moving up to 2000 a day by next month.

Good luck with the training, and just wondering, where are you located (state), since most high school upperclassman cant even get those times. Great PBs.

Um Im in Baton Rouge Louisiana close to LSU.

Well once again today I did my 1000 sit-ups and I plan on goin to the track today to do a lil jogging.

Am I like the laziest son of a bitch that you know…I am doin those 1000 sit-ups every day but I refuse to go to the track to run.

C’mon man you can get there!!! how far is the track??? or is just plain lazy bummin around??

In Hobley’s private universe of which he is the only inhabitant, situps will make you faster. But in the REAL WORLD you need to get your ass to a track or a gym!!! Don’t make me angry at you Hobley- your PR’s are great, think of how far you could go! It starts day by day… :cool:

Give him a break, he obviously trains cuz you dont run 10.47 in the 100m on talent alone…

Actually I think that was on talent alone…(more likely luck and prayer) The track isn’t that far but to be honest I haven’t gone b/c I’ve been sick for the past 3 weeks…Got the flu yes during the summer and now I got tonsilitis. Im not plannin on startin to run till I start school in Aug.

Great, I try and back you up and now you gotta make me look bad :rolleyes: :smiley:

Darnett Im back.lol. Ok Im starting a lil cross coutnry training to get back in shape tomorrow and also starting weights.