hmb users have you...

had any problems with cramping ? ran track the smorn… easy tempo 60m and a few blocks and light plyos b4 3 sets 5 (75%1rm) cleans…now cramping up !!

HMB and cramping? It’s funny…most argue it doesn’t do ANYTHING? Look at the program first and current state.

will do…only had it three times. Was mild cramping and as stated very tempo training, that i have done many times b4 without a problem…have a fellow training partner who has cramped on it once b4 simply warming up for a meet.

Never had cramping whilst using hmb and have trained with quite a few people who use it and they have never complained of cramping. My experience with hmb is that female experience more side effects such as headaches/pimples.

So, aside from headaches, pimples, and cramps, any benefits of any kind?

Never had anyone complain of cramps. Pimples and headaches only from some females.

I get good strength increases when I combine HMB & Creatine. Have tried just Creatine and just HMB but the combination works best for me. Have seen many posts saying it doesnt work at all, but my experience is that it does work. NB: I take 2grams hmb with protein 2 hours before workout and 3 grams of creatine with dextrose half an hour before workout.

The best benefits I get are in the gym/plyo sessions/sled’s etc.

Dont notice times coming down, just less variance between reps. I finish sessions better with hmb & creatine, especially with sessions where recovery time from previous session is not enough.

I have only done 2 weeks on the stuff and my heavy/fast sessions are definately a tad easier. I’d say a bf% reducer more than putting on mass!! so definately get’s you lean by being able to trainer harder and heavier. It’s half life is like 4 hours…so it’s a waste of time taking it 3 times a day like some suggest. i take it with oj or cordial as it makes the stomach ingest it quicker as opposed to h2o.