History of Sprint Training Methods by PJ Vazel ( with permission from PJ Vazel)


Interesting. Thanks

Fantastic job PJ! Incredible detail. Your long hours on this is easily seen. Thanks for sharing this.

Fascinating! Thanks PJ. Really interesting to see the old and really old methods (or lack of in some cases!). It seems that some aspects of sprint training have taken a step backward while other areas have made leaps forwards.

Very interesting, he’s done very good research on this topic.
There are also 4 videos of his presentation on the ucoach.com

Nothing like understanding the past to help the journey forward. Fine work Mr. Vazel.

Tremendous…I wish I could have heard the audio & comments!

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Thanks for the effort - but all I get is :


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If you know how to use VPN, change your internet IP location to a UK location and you can access it. It may cot a small fee for VPN, but the site has invaluable amount of information, in addition to PJ’s presentation. I’m not a tech guy, so don’t bother asking me questions how to do this. I’d recommend trying Youtube for tutorials on VPN stuff.


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