Hip trouble when cutting hard ! Hard case I couldn't solve.

Hey ! Good to be here.
I’ve been suffering from this hip pinch for a year now in football… I can run straight fast for ages, but every now and then when cutting hard, the very top of my hip, just an inch to the left, gets pinched and I lose function completely. Running is useless, and it prevents me from even doing the standing bent over hamstring stretch, as in that position, the hip joint is most pinched… Like it wants to separate from the socket.
Often the pain will come with lower ab pain, right at the very bottom of abs.

It is often “FIXED” with deep tissue work, it’s actually like a reflex to me to feel that hip pinch and grab a softball to rub it out. It helps, it can be 100% for a few days, but then comes WR workout, and after 10-15 slants, it will be back to bothering me.
A very how shower helps the pain after a football workout.
Recently, the left Hamstring, where the “worse” hip if, started giving me over-tightness issues in the mornings after workouts. There is unhealthy tightness all the way from the middle of the butt down to the hip.
Any leads where I should look ?
I am 6’3", 235lbs at the moment.

I just bought some Curcumin 95% Extract… Not sure if it’s supposed to help that :slight_smile:

I thought about a femoral glide syndrome of some sort. How can I confirm ?
Perhaps low HF endurance ?

Thanks !

Perhaps a msucle imbalance strength issue - i’m suffering from weaker hip flexors compared to Glutes complex ATM - after working on the glutes in therapy for a number of months, their strength has gone through the roof - but, the hip flexors have been left behind a lot. So now i’m working on the HP as of this week. Similar issue (but I just run straight and it occured due to a really fast sprint up a hill chasing cars…)
I’ve even noticed the right tibilar anterior is smaller than the right side, so working on that.

Well, perhaps you are right.
I performed some seated hip flexion holds with manual resistance, some 2kg medball bouncing from the same position (a la Ronaldo style), hip thrusts, and hip flexions with hip external rotation.

Then went on to do my squats, and the hip felt much better at the bottom.
Now, hours later, the effect remains. The hip joint feels more secure in it’s “shed” and I don’t have the feeling like my leg is gonna pop out.
I will continue these “warmups” but how do you recommend that I “transfer” this onto full speed with the team again ? Or, what are some challenging, explosive hip flexion drills to perform before taking it out to the track again ?