Hip Thrust


I feel like this would be a circumstance in which to make an inappropriate sexual joke.

It does give new meaning to the term linebacker “filling the hole”.

James has been brutally strong for years. When I was coaching at the university, an intern of ours was training James at a private facility and our guy would tell us the huge amounts of weight he’d lift with ease. Alternatively, I became friends with James’ linebacker coach, at that time, and he told me how James had problems in overly relying on his strength to overcome blockers void of using his hands in a technically sound way. So I’d discuss specialized concepts with him to solve that problem.

Meh, color me unimpressed. Bad exercise to judge strength. I’ve seen housewives do 3 plates…which is when I realized that exercise was probably overrated. But there is no question the guy is an incredible athlete.

He weights 125kg so not really that impressive.

I fully agree. Purely out of curiosity I tried this exercise a while back, at age 41 not having done any lifting with my legs for 20 years because of back issues but still fit from sprinting as a masters athlete, and ended the session with a double at 240k, the same weight this guy is lifting.

Could you post a video, I would be curious to see your tech?