Hip flexors & mobility

Trying to get back in the game after being out for a looooong time. Keep reading about mobility exercises but no descriptions–anyone want to give it a shot and list some/give some descriptors for me? Also, I know my hip flexors need work–any exercises (and stretches) that may help target them?

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried searching for “Hurdle Mobility” ? That is a good place to start. Various weight training exercises also help with hip flexibility, i.e. lunges, squats, reverse lunges, split squats, etc… As for stretches, there is a basic stretch for hip flexors you can start implementing…

Get on one knee. Place your hands on the front leg, and lean forward while slightly pushing back on the support knee with your hands. You should feel a stretch in your hip flexor of the opposite leg (hands on left knee, right hip flexor stretch). I would say 2 sets of 15-20 seconds to start with. Maybe some basic PNF stretches if you can get access, those are great for increasing flexibility of the hip flexors.

Thanks. Don’t often have hurdles available to me so was hoping for some variations–found a couple on the search.

Cool… You can also use a squat rack with the pins set at different heights; that is always an option.

I have the same issue. I’m running 12.1 at age 55, but it is hip flexibility that appears to be the limit right now. I do weighted lunges in the weight room, that often leaves me feeling stronger, but tighter.

weighted walking lunges are terrific as well, as long as you do not over exagerate the movement. :smiley:

Some good stretches here

When stretching the hip flexors, you should also focus on elongation, not just hip extenion in the stretch. To really hit the upper part of the psoas try this stretch:

  1. stand up
  2. internally rotate the leg on side of the psoas you want to stretch
  3. reach up with the same side hand, and I mean reach
  4. pull the pelvis back
  5. slightly bend the torso toward the other side
  6. slightly twist the shoulders toward the stretch side.

Flash, just tried this stretch. I can feel it in my obliques but not my psoas. Can you explain what pull pelvis back means… do you mean stick your arse out! :smiley: or posteriorly tilt the pelvis?#