Hip bulge

I have a HS girl who is having a hip problem for the 1st time in my experience with her. She does have trail leg (slow leg recovery) issues that we have been trying to address. Today we were doing repeat 200m and she had a pain go thru. When I put my thumb to it I could feel a VERY strong pulsation. Once the pain subsided due to stretching and momentarily resting. She stood up and I had her lift her knee while standing on one leg. I could feel quite a bulge that did not seem to be there once she stood with both feet on ground.:confused:

FYI- the bulge was right in the fold of the hip and upper thigh

Could be a jacked up psoas (could explain slow/weak trail recovery). Pulse was possibly femoral artery, bulge may have been sartorius muscle, pain may be femoral nerve stuck somewhere near psoas. That’s all I got.

I would tend to say ‘don’t worry about it too much’ unless it recurs. Maybe try to mobilize psoas… email/pm me if you think it needs to be dealt with. Or wait for Jamirok :slight_smile:

Well it is actually recurring, thats what concerns me. She had a problem with it last week also. She said it feels better right now but I would expect it to return on the next workout. I will work to strengthen and stretch it more tho. Problem is that is is not easily isolated.

I’m not sure you need to strengthen it (maybe/maybe not). Many times good stretching/lengthening = increased strength.

I’ll keep that in consideration. She is a fairly well developed athlete. She might be squatting as much as I am at this point. I tell the kids often that the more they lift it becomes that much more important to gain/maintain hip, hammy, and quad flexibility.

Thanks Mortac!:smiley:

how is her sacrum? I find that when my lower back/glute area is out of whack that I get soreness in the front of my hip that seems to cause a bulge also…

I won’t act like Im a specialist and pretend to know much more than the anatomical location, so I will just say “I don’t know”. She doesn’t complain much about anything else except for the specified area.

I would have her checked out as she sounds young- and would back away a bit. When something hurts in a very specific spot, you seldom clear it up by working through it

thanks, we have already set an appt