Hill starts analysis

Here is some video of me doing hill starts. If you could let me know the good and bad points so i know what im doing right and what im doing wrong, this would be much appreciated !


its a blur! when taping a person try and span the movement instead of having a static camera…move with the motion!

x-man, It looks clear on my computer.

When doing hills, don’t start in a 3 point stance. The slope of the hill simulates the start position without you having to think too much about it. Start in an “up” postion and then I think you’ll look great:)

ok next time i get filmed i wil let the person know.

Ok thanks macsprint, i was in particular looking at the 3rd or so step as my stride pattern as been very different from the first 2 steps and the steps after about step 4 or 5? is there any other technical points you think i should be aware of?

maybe if the camera-person was to face away from the sun it maybe clearer…check out charlies GPP dvd again and look at the athlete doing hills. dont try and bull your way up the hill. get the feel on what your meant to do!