Hill Running Volume

Hi guys, for hill workouts, what type of volume would you guys reccomend using approx.? since its more muscular and less cns than track sprinting is, i understand that a higher volume can be used, so i was just curious at what more experienced members would think a hs 100m runner should be doing in a session (2 HI days a week schedule, in between indoor and outdoor track)

ive done about 600m max of speed in a session for track sprinting and am probably a mid 11s, maybe mid low, 100 runner if i ran a 100 right now but have the raw abilities that i dont think going low 11s, sub 11 is out of the question

and i guess two different volumes would apply whether i plan on running long hills or just shorter hill runs, but im curious for both scenarios

The GPP video has a hill training template for a senior medium to high level performer doing short-to-long.

Some youngsters (14-15 year-olds) in the squad I’m coaching have gone up to 3x4x40m on the hill before intensifying to 3x3x40m.

cool, exactly what im looking for. ill look into getting that video (kind of tight on money now as a hs student).

thanks for your example too, i could try something like that and increase volume if i feel its necessary