Hijumps journal

starting my journal- As of Sunday night, April 3 2005.

Current PR’s-
High Jump- 6’2"
Long Jump- Not very good
Standing Long jump- 9’6"
Vertical- 31-32"

Bench Press- 190lbs
Squat- ???

march 7, 2005

Meet today.

Morning- Wheaties for breakfast

12pm- protein/energy bar

2:45- Began warmup

3:00- High jump began despite lack of effecient warmup do to helping teammates get there marks.

Because of the strange high jump apron, I only got 2 strides on it. The rest where on grass. I decided to take off a random mark, so my last steps where all stutters.

Opening height- 5’6- Made with ease
5’8 made with ease
5’10 made with ease
6’ missed due to approach mess ups.

Worst mark of the year, wont let it stop me. Gotta big meet tomorrow, Friday night Arcadia. Might not be the invitational but I’m gonna give it my all and see where I go. Today was just a run and jump day. Not really focused on mechanics. Saving that for tomorrow.