Higher Vertical for Basketball

I am trying to increase my vertical for basketball and was wondering if there are any plyos or exersices that you would recomend or any that have helped you in the past.

Box Jumps
Depth Jumps
Rim Touches
Split Squat Jumps

Being that you’re a basketball player I don’t recommend adding lots of plyos.
-Improve your strength.
-improve your flexibility
-i found sprinting and light o-lifts (mostly the snatch) really helped me.

improve your explosiveness, being a basketball player that used to train my vertical these are my A FEW of my favorite exercises…

(in no order)

  1. Power Clean
  2. Depth Jump
  3. Wide-Grip Deadlift
  4. Box Squat
  5. Romanian Deadlift

you should chech out defranco’s stuff on vertical jump his “fabulous 15 exercises” and “dirty tricks” some of the stuff can be helpful

I don’t know about the order, but thats a good list to begin with.