High tonus

What do you think is the cause of having a natural high muscles tonus ??

I always had a very high one,regardless of my activity (if i am training too much,or i am training very littel,or i am just not training).
Ok,i am iper-active guy.
What can i do (don’t tell me to be ipo-active :slight_smile: )?
Integration? Massages? Some advices?

High muscle tonus maybe due to mineral inbalance also. Maybe you need to supplement with calcium and magnesium.

Or simply stretch first.

Mineral imbalance would be second IMO

I stretch…in all these years i find most effective dynamic stretching and AIS. Static stretches didn’t help me at all in improving Rom…so,if i have to use greater ROM ok (when i started to run my hams flexibility imrpoved very much).
I tried also RPG (self exercises,and i didn’t notice improvement).

Ok,i am overlapping tonus and stretching…i am only trying to say i ususllay stretch.

Do you have high whole body tonus or only legs…?

(For all, RPG is an European like to yoga/stretching therapy/self work, is there in USA?)

Could you elaborate a little more on RPG?

(The only RPG I am familar with is Rocket Propelled Grenage’ - I’m sure that’s not what we’re talking about!!!)

Very often it can come about with excessive weight or hi-int exercise and lack of flex work, poor carb intake and poor hydration - generally poor restoration.
Massage is a very effective tool also.

Essentailly hypertonicity

You might want to consider Microstretching as an interesting option to reset muscle tone as result of organism’s improved general adaptation.
40 minutes sessions 2-3 times per week already may help a lot.

RPG/Souchard is a system of kinetic chain stretching, more general and similar to myofascial plane stretching (i.e. Lou Gross video) and microstretching.
Ah!..the word “stretching” is replaced from “POSTURE”.

The technique is good for some fascial problems, self work, post therapy stretching, regeneration work, but don’t free the scar tissue/adhesion.

General link (sorry only French).


Thank you

Will check these out!

True very good advice,

(but he should have noticed improvements from even a proper AIS program too ? no?)

Thanks to everybody for the suggestions.

Thanks Pakewi for the suggestion on microstretching,i’ll try to incorporate and after i’ll leave my feedback about.

Jamirok: also upper body is quite high in tonus.