high school track/commercial use

In the early stages of planning a performance center. Does anyone know of anyone that uses a high school track for commercial purposes? in the states.

I would really set my center apart if I had full time acess to a track.

I use a great facility but remember that you can’t count on it forever.

At the old company I used to work for since the facility was so small I used to take athletes to the nearby track. It was a very rich school with a nice track and fieldturf. Unless you are taking groups of 20 all day long and someone in charge sees it there should be no problem. Just as long as you dont show up with a whole team, entire staff and gadgets and gizmos. But as Clemson said you cant count on it forever. Certain teams during diff. times of the year practice there and stuff like that.

I dont think you will have any problems as long as you and your athletes are mindful of other people using the track. Your training schedule will probablly have to stay clear of school games. If they give you a hard time, talk to them. Talk to the coaches maybe you can strike a deal with them.