High School 100m Training

fri may 20

team mile jog

sat may 21

jav -> 106,98,114ft
100m -> 12.1h

-today was suppose to just be jav so itd be an offday but my coach decided last minute i had to. i was still sore and burnt from thursdays workout and literally had no warm up, so no surprise my time sucked. i tried relaxing which made the 100m feel like far less effort, but i cant tell whether that was because the relaxing was good or if it was because i was almost a second off my PB time
-still had the forard lean even while relaxing i may have to consciously get my self upright before just running

sun may 22

hurdle drills
500m grass tempo
2’ abs (half reps)
rt drill

-no soreness today, so though i was unhappy with my 100 because i think no one had anything to gain by me running a crappy 100 when i really needed recovery, i dont think overall it was too damaging since it was so slow and my only HI work at all that day

mon may 23

weigh in -> 146

rt drill

tues may 24

team mile
2 4x1 exchanges
3 blast outs (5,10,20m)
1 fly (touched top speed)

-felt a little sluggish today, probably a result of not doing much work the last couple days, it being humid and that my HI running followed the mile jog which is awfully far for me :confused:
-running the 100 (two heats) and anchoring the 4x1 tomorrow. my goal for both is to keep to my stomping the ground cue and not to rush my race so i can get my hips in a good position

wed may 25

100m -> 11.80,11.78
4x100m anchor

jump rope
3x3 bench@165,175,185
100 medball throws@15/16

-big headwind today, times were very slow. i beat a 11.5x kid by a good amount and didnt lose to a 11.3x kid by much, so i probably had pretty fast races for me. form broke down in the second round and in the first round hip height was poor. not great starts in either but had a nasty start that was called back from a false start from another kid
-abs were kinda sore today for some reason

thurs may 26

rt drill

-a little pectoral and oblique soreness today

fri may 27

4x1 handoffs
3 blast outs
2 flys

sat may 28

100m -> 11.63,11.56
4x100m anchor

school dance

-finally able to hold form through a race. breakdown only in last ten meters first round and none the second round. now i just need to apply more force which in effect generally also increases my frequency and if i keep my form ill see a huge pr
-got fourth in central mass which qualified me for the state championship. i’ll be seeded very near the bottom but itll be fun just to be there, and i think after another light week and finally being able to run my own race i can see a big pr still. i can tell its my SE thats holding me back because the 11 flat kids do not pull away from me until past 50m
-i pr’d and didnt have a good start in either round
-had a good 4x1 leg, i moved up two spots (from 6th in my heat to 4th), kept upright and felt smooth

sun may 29

rt drill

-outer glute soreness. not sure whether that’s from dancing or the racing yesterday
-hammys feel pretty fried. makes sense because since i finally got upright my hammys were probably more active than they usually are while running

mon may 30

weigh in -> 144

cf bike workout warm up (except with jogging on grass replacing the bike and a flip at the end)

tues may 31

80,40,30 blocks

jump rope
3x3 bench@175,180,185
1 each human flag

-taped the runs today. stride rate got very slow once i got upright. in my 30 i kept the stride rate well

wed june 1

5x100m grass tempo
hurdle drills
2’ abs circuit (half reps)

-pectoral and gluteal soreness today. man, i didn’t realize how little could make a good workout
-talked to the head coach of the track team for the college i’m attending next year. they are d1 so i need to get my time down, but i guess i appear to have enough potential that i will receive the team summer workouts starting late june and am on the tryout roster for the fall

thurs june 2

15’ tennis

-hit bottom of left knee with racquet, kind of hurts to bend it now. nothing major though, should be gone by saturday

fri june 3

10,20,30 blocks

rt drill

-big meet tomorrow! again, no time related goal, but I really want to key in on keeping my stride rate high even while upright i have a tendency to let it drop off and to overstride instead of keeping it tight

sat june 4

100m -> 11.85

-yuck, pretty bad race all around, the field i was against was faster than usual and i guess that tightened me up. I need to work on running my own race

mon june 5

jump rope
-5x5 bench@165
3x8 pull-ups
-3x3 each human flag
3x5 ab rollout
-1x10 upper body circuit

-totally roasted

sun june 12

jump rope
-5x5 bench@150
3x3 each human flag
-3x8 pull-ups
3x5 ab rollouts
-2x10 upper body circuit
-1x15 core circuit

-i used 2’ rest intervals between sets and slightly longer between different supersets
-totally burned again today, my weightroom work capacity is no where where it used to be. ironically, my musculature hasnt taken the hit i assumed lifting less would do to it. wisdom tooth comes out tomorrow so ill be out for a week
-multivit, creatine and arginine before workout, weightgainer shake after and zma before bed
-minor soreness in my legs posterior chain. probably a sign that some of my muscle there is beginning to go away. im not too worrie though, i think my legs need the rest
-running at the baystates games on june 24. just for fun. i’ll count it as a HI day

mon june 13

weigh in -> 149

-wisdom tooth pulled today. doc said no physical activity for a week. maybe i’ll do some stretching and self-massage during the off time

tues june 14

self-massage (l.knee, l.heel)