High Jump Coaches in US

I am in my final season in college and i have a pr of 7’ 2" which I have done twice. The last two years I have been on the US list, but haven’t been able to improve to get to the national level. During my college career I have had 4 coaches, who all had different philosophies. There are some technical flaws that need to be addressed by a top level coach. In a month I will start training on my own with no coach. I need some guidance with workouts, plyos, weight, and periodization. Charlie or Dlive, do you have any suggestions? I watch myself on tape, but there are flaws that I don’t know how to fix.


There’s a good HJ coach at SMU in Dallas, TX.

I forgot his name. I know he’s good. He was at TX last year I believe.

Kenny Mac~~

Here’s the link

John Rembao is his name.

Kenny Mac~~


do you know of any coaches?

John Rembao is excellent and a friend

Depending on where you are, there are a number of people.

Where are you?

Also, contact either Paul Souza Wheaton, or Cliff Rovelto K State. Its their job to answer questions just like this. I just got the same from an ex 7’ 4" guy that wants to get back in training for a shot at the Trials. So you are not alone.
Paul is the outgoing HJ chair for men’s development and Cliff is the incoming chair.

Kenny Mac… Thanks for the info about the SMU coach… I’m not for sure if I want to relocate since I am currently in grad school, and was wondering if he took on athletes, and if it was possible to go to smu for training sessions.

Coach Mdd…

I’m currently located in the Kansas City area. I’m in school right now, is it possible to go for jump session with them. I’m around 2 hours away from k-state. There is probably a good chance that he has heard of me due to meets where we competed against k-state… is it possible to get some contact information. Where is the 7’4" jump that is trying to make a comeback for the trials. I occasionally train with a former 7’5" jumper from k-state just wondering if it is the same person. If you want to disclose it in an email and a possible contact number for the k-state coach, try this address: agil_hj@yahoo.com


Cliff Rovelto - try 785-776-9633

from the USATF website…


Hi vert - what is your vertical leap. I train to increase my vertical leap for basketball and High Jump and was just wondering. I recently recorded a 37 inch vertical leap.

Well I started off with just getting my strength up to par with deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Then when I had adequate strength and could squat big, I did complex training 2 days a week. One day I did heavy squats 5x5 and depth jumps 5x5. The other day I did Deadlifts 5x5 and hurdle jumps 5x5. Now I’ve been doing power training mixed with strength training. Squats, jump squats, power cleans, power snatches, deadlifts and other lifts. I started off with a decent vertical jump of 28 now I can fly. :o


Right now my vertical is around 34. I’m much more explosive off of one foot with a slight run into it, around 46 in. What kind of drills did you do to increase your vert? I’ve noticed plyos increase my vertical but not my height off of 1 foot. Let me know what you think…

Contact Dan Pfaff at Texas.

He trains Mark Boswell and the dude also runs 10:30-10:40 in the 100m too.

Where in texas is dan pfaff?

the university of texas

Up to this point I have mainly divided my workouts into the following format:
Jump practice (8 - 10 total jumps, some days I use a box to work on over the bar technique)Running: Short sprints (6 X 80)

Running (4 X 200 at 85%)
Plyos: 3 X ( 50m single bounds, 50 alt. bounds, 50m double leg bounds, 50m triple jump style (2 left, 2 right), 10 X pop up cycles)

Jump practice ( approach work, 5-7 jumps, work on take off position)
Running: Sprint drills

Plyos: (depth jumps, box jumps, hurdle hops)
Running: (6 x 60m sprints)

Running: Hill workout ( 4 x (5 X 50))

Road run 15 minutes

Monday, Wed, Friday
Bench (3 X 10)
Cleans ( 4 X 10)
Squats (5 X 6)
Step ups ( 3 x 10)
Leg Curls ( 3 x 20)
Leg Extension (3 x 10)

This is just a typical preseason workout. Should I do this type of workout over the summer? What kind of combination is best with weights, plyos, and running workouts for the summer inorder to develop a stronger base for next fall? Thanks for any help.

Summer training ideas for high jump. Building for next season, any input would be great. Weights, running workouts, plyos, etc.

what have you done to this point as far as weights, plyos, etc. this will help for input.