High Intensity Throws

Anybody do different high intensity throws than the ones shown on the DVD? I do quite a few different ones such as…

Side throws - kinda like you’re throwing a baseball sidearm but with both hands on the ball (normally thrown into a fence)

Overhand throws - like throwing a baseball the regular way but with both hands on the ball.

Between the legs - swing the ball between the legs and throw it forward.

Overhead throws - Stand straight with ball above the head, bend elbows and throw forward

I notice that most of the throws on the DVD have a great degree of leg/back involvement and none of them are rotational. Is this because all the rotational means for sprinting are covered by the low intensity throws?

“Between the legs”, I do that…

Same for me, and the overhead throw. Have used shot implements, but embarrased some of the throwers, and upset the groundsman so stick to med balls. :slight_smile:

I’m not crazy about underhand forward throws, with straight legs, especially with a heavy ball, as I’ve seen some injuries at the ischial tuberosity.

Why would you do it with straight legs in the first place? Just asking…

when i get the chance, i throw my jumps onto the jump mat. ie, doubles, tripples and finnish onto a jump mat.
some hard over head throws, dont go silly and lean right back (lower back could get injured?)
Technique is always important, do em hard, but with technique in place.

Nik we always bend the knee’s I would imagine that you do the same. Fair comment though Charlie as some may miss interpret the exercise.