High intensity day training split query

I am looking for forum members opinion in regards to a proposed training set up i have planned for high intensity days.

If i train twice a day e.g AM Upper body weights
PM Track- Speed + Lower body weights, do you think this would constitute as over-training? I only plan to use this type of split on two different days e.g Mon and Thu, as these are my two high intensity days.

The reason i am contemplating using such a split is, i usually find myself dragging or to exhausted to complete a full body weights session after a hard speed workout and thought if i split the weight sessions up i would have more energy and focus.

Anyway what is your opinion CF members?

I’ve had better results moving upper body weights to tempo days than trying to do it all on the same day. The other issue with doing upper body in the morning is that a lot of people don’t run as smoothly as they should after an upper body lifting session because of tightness (even if weights aren’t that crazy), especially in the pec and shoulder area.

Just something to consider.

This could work even the other way around…if you are using more speed-strength exercises, you could do
Day 1: speed + UB
Day 2: AM Lb w ( cleans, snatches mainly) + pm tempo
You still have weights far apart from next speed session.
With lower level athletes, I usually move all the weights in manteinance mode on day after speed ( dut they have just 2 H I days).

IF you are still at a stage to split the weights, this is a better option than HI weights AM before speed. Once you’ve committed to that portion of the weights to completion, you have already created a ceiling for the sped session you might easily run into. it would be better to do a little warm-up type weights in the AM to loosen up for the PM session and possibly reduce the lifting numbers planned for the PM after speed

This could work for 2x/week speed but not for 3x/week

I am forced to do a split on Mondays. I have technical long jump work at 6pm and the centre is closed from 4-6 then the centre shuts at 8 so I don’t have enough time for Speed + weights.

I have the option of using the outdoor track from 4-6, but it’s cold at this time of year, so doing the speed indoors is more important. So I do Speed at lunch time, then come back for jumps and lifting 5 hours later.

Yes, that was what I meant with lower level athletes.