High Blood Pressure

Not to sure if this is an injury, but today when I went to the doctor, I foundout that I had High Blood Pressure. Man, I dont understand. Im active, I eat relatively healthy. I dont smoke, I have the occasional wine cooler. But still, what the hell?!?!?!? :eek: :eek:

Is this, in the long run, going to affect my running? Please say it aint so!

What can I do, in terms of training and staying healthy?

Any advice would be well thanked

First off… Has your blood pressure ever been high in the past? Does high blood pressure run in your family?
What was your blood pressure?

When they took your blood pressure did you exercise or drink a caffinated drink prior to getting it taken?
Were you nervous/anxious at all when haven it taken? Were you in a comfortable position taking deep breaths and relaxed?

These questions are all important. I have the ability (as Im sure many other do as well) to get mine much higher than it actually is. If I relax I could havbe it drop minutes later.
Get it done a few other times. Either buy a pressure cuff or make a few trips into CVS pharmacy and use the digital one which is there for customers.

fish oil or flax seed, red yeast rice, hawthorn berry helped to tons with my blood pressure.

You should ask your physician to refer you to wear a 24hr blood pressure monitor. This can help to rule out White Coat Hypertension - which can happen when having your BP taken, as Quick mentioned it could be tension related.

How big are your arms? Did he use the right size cuff? Have it checked again.

How high is high? give us some figures.

well, its not overly high. Its 130/60. But when I went over to Albertsons I had bp of 140/72. And I thought I was even more relaxed.

As for my arms, they are 12.5 - 13". The doc had the cuff in the right spot, I believe.

One thing I think that could contribute to the high bp is I was taking an no2 product. (Nitrix) I realize now that it was virtually useless, like many people have said. I guess you learn from experience :o But the odd thing is I had the same figures a good month ago. Not to sure why that is. I wasnt taking any supplements then either.

So, I really dont know.

O yea, Ive been taking fish oil (taken daily), flax occasionaly. I take a good deal of vitamins every day.

Ighty then, thanks for any help.

your systolic values, (the top number) are on the upper side of normal, the diastolic (bottom number) are normal. I wouldn’t worry about it.

The definition of high blood pressure is over 140/90, so I do not see the problem.

oh, okay then… doc just said that it was a little over normal so I guess thats okay for now.

thanks all. much appreciated. :wink:

on a side note, should I adjust any of my training right now? Should I go a little easy in the weight room or track?

Don’t really know, cause I do not know your current training plan - everything depends on so many other factors, like: how is your recovery situation? Did you change something in your trainign recently? (Like less tempo or other general fitness or recovery elements, more stressing work, because of indoor session?)

If I had your values and would worry and wanted to change sg about it and I was in GPP right now (I would expect that - exept guys from the southern hemispehere) I would I’d try the following: a little more extensive tempo and a little less “stressing” work. Cut down a little on real speed volume. Can you possibly go easier and still improve your performance? Try for - let’s say 2x3 weeks - look what happens. Just a thought.
If you don’t feel stressed through trainig at all, are really fit and like you can get enough recovery - just forget about it. BUT: monitor regularly to see if values get worse.

Could High blood pressure have a role in your endurance? Somebody told me that was the reason my endurance sucks is because I have high blood pressure.