High and low insulin spikes.

Having read a lot of stuff this weak by John Berardi, I have discovred that for the last 4 years of my training I haven’t been getting a high enough insulin spike after my training sessions, yet probably to high a spike at other times of the day.
John Berardi has talked about a number of foods that give the high insulin spike, e.g, glucose, cereals, even milk and beans, high protein meals etc.
That’s all very well but i’d like to know what foods have a LOW insulin response for my last 3 meals of the day, (my training is done earlier in the day.) ?

All i know is that vegetables give a low insulin rise. Any other foods? (I learn’t form berardi and someone on this forum that their is not always a good colleration between glycemic index and insulin index.)

Oh yeah, I’m not very computer literate yet, so i don’t know how you do the proper Link, but www.johnberardi.com who many have come across, but not all, is worth looking at.

Perhaps we could list foods that are LOWER, and foods that are HIGHER on insulin response?..