HI volume problem

I’m watching CF forum for quite a while now and I gain alot quality informations. I just got a few questions which I didn’t find a answer to.

I’m 15yo athlete with good generel conditioning, 7%bf, good nutrition, sleep 7-8hours/night.
So here is my question. Charlie didn’t recommend running SE above 150m for under 16. But I’ve done quite a lot of 200’s,300’s because my previus coach told me to. I was doing 3HI/week and weights.
So my question is; Will I still improve my time if I do SE under 150 only and don’t do weights?
And what about HI days, 2 or 3 per week.

I will appreciate any comments

The answer is yes you can, if you locate the thread I started around October 2010 I asked the question about appropriate training sessions for under 16s to allow development of speed endurance. I received some great advice, and it worked as the guys I coach have developed. You can get plenty of good conditioning done via medicine ball and bodyweight exercises so don’t get hung up on not being able to lift yet. Have a look at that thread then ask some more questions using this thread. :cool:

I agree that young runners shouldn’t do anything beyond 150m. When I was training with previous coach I was doing 300+200’s 150+150+100, 200+200+100, not to mention anything else what I did. You should’ve seen that! The problem is that platueing is here way too soon later on!

Thanks both of you!
Will check thread! :cool:

I agree kk400, too many young athletes are given high volume work, they often get good early results then stick.

your program sounds a lot like my hs’s program. because there was no real speedwork in the program and low rest, tons of athleetes were getting hammy and back injuries, and while its developed more than a few decent 300 runners, my school totally has lacked in the 55m

a friend of mine found this website a while back and ditched my school’s way of training and saw a like 2 sec drop in his 100, though he moreso did speedwork and lifting while having plyos and se on the light end. he actually kept a journal on this website if you want a look at what he did as he seems to have been in a similar situation as you (around the same age when he started cf stuff, coming from the same base, its called “HS Short Sprinter’s Journal” or something of that nature)

Thank you guys!
I’m found his journal. But I will probably drop weights.
I don’t have constant access to them so it don’t make much sense doing it plus I have plenty med ball work to do :wink: