Hey Look...It's Me

Check out this pic of me at NSIC (High School Nationals) last week. This picture is of my first heat which I won.

ps: Second from left.

what time did you get in that heat?

Looks good in this shot. Do you have any side shots at full speed and in the late acceleration section? (any race)

I ran 6.91 in that race.

Charlie, I’m going to get some pics tomorrow at school.

I’ll take snap shots and post directly onto the site…what’s the size limit?

I don’t know…Rupert???

Hi Kweli,

Send your content over to “info@charliefrancis.com”.

If you are posting yourself on the site, I’d like you to keep your files under 50k per shot. If you are unsure about this, just email what you have over to me and I’ll clean them up for you.

If its video, tell me in advance and I’ll send you different information. Size is not a concern whatsoever.

Thank you and congrats on a nice race.


I think the guy pictured second from right has the shortest legs I’ve ever seen on a sprinter!

Looks like the Armory, is it?
Where do you live?


Why is that little dude next to you wearing an apron? did he break out a BBQ for every one afterwards?


Alright Clemson…I’ll try not be lazy! it’s a habit since birth.

Yes, That is indeed the armory in New York. I’m from Toronto Canada