hey charlie, question on my training

I just want to say that im new to this message board and it is my favorite. Theres alot of smart people here. Anyway my question is about hand speed for punching. I have been training pretty much westside style because i’m a beginner and i figure i needed a nice strength base to work with. I need to improve my punching speed, how should I do this? I was thinking of doing some chain suspended bench presses with 20-40% of my 1rm. I was also considering bench press motion with a sled and lying and standing medacine ball throws. Also i’m changing up the way i train because i am under the ussumption that for truely unloaded movements (such as punching) starting strength is more important than maximal strength and acceleration strength. Is this true?
Thanks alot.

Are you a boxer? If so, why not rely on the speed bag for hand speed. The other strength buildig means have to be balanced to give you strength without so much overload that it diminishes your movement speed too much or for too long.

thanks alot. ill try it out and keep you updated