Hernia Surgery For Jason Gardener

LONDON, March 18 (AFP) - World Indoor 60 metreschampion Jason Gardener has suffered a blow in hispreparations for the Athens Olympics after undergoingsurgery for a double hernia.
The 28-year-old sprinter developed the problemunknowingly before winning gold in the 60 metres at theWorld Indoor Championships in Budapest earlier thismonth.
Gardener complained of recurring pain in his stomachafter the championships.
He is expected to resume training next month.
``Jason hopes to be out of hospital within the day,after undergoing the simple operation, and to be back tofull training within three weeks,’’ said a spokespersonfor the athlete.

Poor Jason can’t seem to stay healthy. Hope he can bounce back and run some solid 100’s like he did in 99.

Ouch… the owner of my gym has the same thing and it killed his deadlifting and squatting. Hope he can recover.