Here we go again..tis the season..


It is with great pleasure, that I announce we just got invited to another playboy event.

Expect to see some VERY hot photos coming in the next 48 hours.

Get ready…


Sorry to rain on your parade Rupert, but there is nothing more off-putting than Playboy bunnies - give me flesh and blood!


Who let you out of your cage?




Let me see, you posted the first message 3 days ago so…

3 days - 48 hours = The photos are 24 hours overdue!

The first set was actually up 30 hours ago…check the site out…see if you can find them.



Touche… :slight_smile:

in Ben Stiller’s voice from Dodgeball

To be perfectly honest I’ve been looking but I haven’t found them yet

Keep looking…

Link please?
Are they on this site or Playboys?

They are on the site. I found them :smiley:

aw go on help us please???

I wouldn’t want to end Rupert’s fun!

are they in the forum somewhere or on the front page?
i see playboy golf on the front but that been there ages